22 December, 2023

Spread Cheer in Your Automotive Repair Shop

Spread cheer in your automotive repair shop! At Promotive, the link connecting skilled technicians with forward-thinking repair shops, we understand the significance of the season and believe in the power of giving back. Here are five thoughtful ways your automotive repair shop can make a positive impact during this holiday season and all year long.


Skill-Sharing Workshops

To foster community empowerment, consider initiating skill-sharing workshops and invite both high school and technical students. These sessions can cover a spectrum, from fundamental maintenance tips to delving into the intricacies of the latest diagnostic tools. By sharing your knowledge, you could  possibly ignite a passion for others that might have interest in developing a career in automotive repair.


Gift Card Drive

While it might be too late for a traditional toy drive, you can still make a meaningful impact by organizing a gift card drive. Collect and distribute gift cards to support struggling families within your local community, providing them with the flexibility to acquire essentials during the holiday season and beyond.


Free Car Inspections

Extend a helping hand to the community by offering free car inspections. This not only ensures that vehicles are ready for snow or extra rain, but it also serves as an opportunity to identify potential issues before they escalate into major problems. It’s a win-win situation, enhancing both community well-being and the reputation of your automotive repair shop – and it could also earn you new business.


Give Some / Take Some

In the spirit of year-long giving, consider leaving a donation box on your front counter where employees, car owners, and even parts vendors can easily make donations. Using these contributions, you can establish an emergency auto repair fund to help customers that face unexpected vehicle repairs and genuinely can’t afford these expenses. In the time of digital wallets, you might want to add a QR code for Venmo or Zelle that links to your donation account.



Invest in Future Techs

Forge meaningful partnerships with local schools or technical institutions to sponsor automotive education programs. Investing in the education of future technicians contributes significantly to the growth and sustainability of the automotive industry. Whether through scholarships, equipment donations, or funding for workshops, these impactful initiatives can make a lasting difference in shaping the future of automotive expertise. If you are looking to make an immediate impact in this area, check out WrenchWay’s mission to “Give Back to 23 Schools Before 2023 Ends.”


In conclusion, these thoughtful approaches not only embrace the spirit of the season with opportunities for year-long giving but you will also create a brand for your automotive repair shop, as a place that supports your local community. 


Happy holidays from the Promotive team!

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