1 February, 2024

How Social Media Can Elevate Your Automotive Career

Social media is an increasingly powerful resource and by following our top 10 accounts to follow on social media, you’ll elevate your automotive industry career by gaining valuable insights, connections, and opportunities. 


This post will tell you why you should use social media and which platforms to use in order to get the best automotive industry updates, tutorials, and automotive recruitment support. 


Why Should Automotive Professionals be on Social Media?


It’s More Than Just Free


Embarking on social media isn’t just a cost-free journey; it’s a strategic move that can propel your career forward. Leverage it to:


  • Compare and Communicate: Connect with automotive shops, compare job offerings, and communicate effortlessly.


  • Set Yourself Apart: Stand out from the crowd by showcasing your skills and work on a global platform.


  • Connect and Learn: Engage with businesses and accounts to gain valuable technical skills and learn the ropes of enhancing your automotive career with tips for interviews, negotiation, managing work-life balance, and more.


  • Boost Visibility: Increase your social footprint and showcase your work, making yourself visible to potential employers and the online automotive community.


In fact, social media is a treasure trove of content, offering a roadmap to improving your automotive industry understanding, enhancing technical skills, finding new job opportunities, and connecting with potential employers.


What Platforms Should I Use? 


Ok now that you know you want to join in on the social media fun, what are the different social media platforms out there? And how do you leverage each of them to your advantage?


Here’s a rundown of the major players and highlights on how they can steer you towards achieving your professional aspirations and immersing yourself in the automotive industry. 


  • LinkedIn: Ideal for connecting with industry professionals, exploring job opportunities, and gaining insights into company cultures.


  • Instagram: Showcase your automotive work, follow businesses for insights into their operations, and engage with visual content related to the automotive lifestyle.


  • Facebook: Find businesses’ pages, witness their work, and get a feel for their shops. Additionally, join forums for deeper insights into the automotive industry.


  • YouTube: Learn new skills through long-form video tutorials, follow automotive channels for in-depth insights, or use it to display evidence of your projects and skills. 


  • TikTok: Discover the lighter side of the automotive world, including day-to-day life content, humor, product reviews, and quick tips.


While platform choice matters, the real game-changer is who you follow. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms, you can curate your feed to align with your career goals.


Top 10 Automotive Industry Accounts to Follow


Who should automotive professionals be following on social media?


Here’s a curated list of accounts to enhance your feed:


1. Promotive 

Promotive is a  full-service staffing and recruitment agency that provides free tools, resources, and guidance to automotive professionals looking for a job that will take their career to the next level. Additionally, on our Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and blog you can find more about open automotive jobs in your area, gain information on professional development for automotive professionals, or get the latest updates on the automotive aftermarket industry. 


2. Jaded Mechanic

Hosted by Jeff Compton, the Jaded Mechanic podcast sheds light on the realities of the automotive profession, while offering practical advice and reflections on the automotive repair world. You can find his Podcast on YouTube or you can listen to it on Apple or Spotify.


3. Underhood Service 

Underhood Service, an automotive magazine tailored for shops and automotive technicians specializing in under-the-hood systems maintenance. Moreover, Underhood Service offers a wealth of resources across social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn as well as engaging podcasts. Delving into a spectrum of content, from in-depth tool reviews and step-by-step repair tutorials to insightful conversations on cutting-edge automotive technology, this publication is a comprehensive guide for those navigating the intricate world beneath the hood.


4. Remarkable Results Radio

On his podcast The Remarkable Results Radio, Carm Capritto brings new perspective to the automotive aftermarket through his guest speakers and niche topics. Listeners will explore the challenges, successes, and innovations within the automotive aftermarket. Furthermore, this podcast is a valuable resource for those interested in gaining insights into the automotive repair world. You can follow along on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 


5. South Main Auto Repair

Eric O’s YouTube and TikTok videos aim to provide accurate information in hopes to save techs time and money. Additionally, he shares his lifelong love for fixing cars, knowledge, and day-to-day experiences in the shop, in a personal and authentic way. 


6. HumbleMechanic

Charles, known as the HumbleMechanic online, is a master certified Volkswagen technician. More notably, he creates videos that teach about cars, car parts, and how to get started as a technician or mechanic. For more information, the HumbleMechanic can be found on: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Podcast.


7. MotorCity Mechanic 

MotorCity Mechanic YouTube channel features detailed tutorials on various automotive repairs, providing step-by-step instructions and explanations. Overall, it offers a valuable resource for individuals interested in hands-on automotive work.


8. Motor Age 

Motor Age is a monthly trade journal supporting independent automotive service providers. However, their Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts report on current events, automotive industry updates and stats, automotive technology and innovation , to tool reviews and recommendations. In fact, content, like Motor Age’s, can help automotive technicians keep their skills current and valuable. 


9. ScannerDanner

Paul Danner is an ASE L1 certified Master Technician and has decades of automotive and teaching experience. Furthermore, he is the owner of the ScannerDanner YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook accounts among other online resources. All of his platforms provide helpful diagnostics training on automotive electrical and electronic systems for those who are new or veterans of the automotive repair industry.


10. SuperFastMatt  

SuperFastMatt is an automotive engineer who has worked for Tesla and NASCAR. He shares videos on YouTube discussing automotive engineering, automotive technology trends, and general insights into the industry. Additionally, SuperFastMatt’s Instagram account offers additional insights, behind-the-scenes looks, and a visual journey through his experiences as an automotive engineer.





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