1 February, 2024

Promotive’s Kick-Off: Igniting Inspiration for a Remarkable 2024

In Clearwater, Florida, during the week of January 8th, Promotive hosted its first official kick-off meeting. Operating as a remote-first company, our team resides in various cities coast-to-coast. The in-person gathering actively strengthened relationships and served as a catalyst for inspiration, gearing us up for the triumphs and challenges of 2024.


The kick-off kicked off with a deep dive into 2023 numbers, our first official year in business. We celebrated our victories and analyzed predicted obstacles, fostering an environment of openness, collaboration, and candid reflection. As a bonus, these insights became the building blocks to developing this year’s strategies.


Strategic Planning in Full Swing

There is a lot to accomplish a lot in twelve short months! With that in mind, we leaned into our teammates to enhance our current processes, maintaining a focus on our top priorities—our shop customers and automotive talent, and the value we provided to each segment. We eagerly outlined ambitious growth plans, from refining operational procedures to embracing technology.


Team bonding wasn’t just a scheduled activity; it played an integral role in our agenda. We participated in activities that went beyond the typical office routine. We exchanged playful banter, laughter, and genuine connections. However, the objective was not merely to collaborate as colleagues but to build personal connections and friendships. While some “action items” are still to be defined, we certainly excelled in this area.



Inspiration Ignited

The week’s sessions also included team-building activities, like branding exercises and an outdoor “think big” power session. Additionally, we welcomed a special guest, Jaron Kleber, from Repair Shop of Tomorrow. Jaron’s industry insights offered a fresh perspective, sparking new ideas and (relatively) easy-to-implement improvements.


As we bid farewell (for now) to our in-person time, the team isn’t just well-prepared; we’re inspired. The blend of strategic planning, candid discussions, team bonding, and understanding each other’s work dynamics has left us energized and ready for the opportunities and challenges in 2024. With a united and motivated team, we’re geared up for a remarkable journey ahead.


Get ready for Promotive’s impactful strides—because we’re not just a team; we’re a force. 🚀✨



At Promotive, we firmly believe that people should love their jobs and businesses should trust their staff. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to connect talented automotive staff with shops to create mutually beneficial relationships. With over 40 years of automotive aftermarket and recruiting experience, we know the industry like you know your way under the hood. Whether you’re hiring, actively applying, or just looking, Promotive can help.

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