23 January, 2024

Industry Insights: Are You a Tech-Savvy Automotive Technician?

Joy Robertson, Operations Assistant at Promotive, came across an article that she found interesting and relevant to our mission of connecting top talent with industry-leading shops. As the industry shifts and its needs change, Joy shares a summary of what experts believe is the future for recruiting automotive technicians in 2024.

If you’re a techy Tech, you’re in luck!


According to a recent compilation of predictions from 13 automotive professionals, published by Wrenchway, our industry is paving the way for tech-savvy talent.


Jay Goninen from WrenchWay calls out the obvious – the need for quality technicians will continue to remain a hot topic in 2024. He believes that with folks keeping their cars longer and technology moving at warp speed, the demand for skilled technicians will stay a bumpy ride.


Additionally, as acknowledged by Tim Winkeler, President & CEO, VIP Tires & Service, the surge of interest from younger individuals in automotive careers is fueling the momentum. Rising wages across the board make the auto services field more appealing, especially since fewer high school grads are chasing university dreams post-COVID.


As the road ahead unfolds, technicians are advised to steer towards more education and specialization for a smoother ride. The evolving technology in hybrid vehicles signals a need for certifications. And, there is emphasis on strengthening partnerships with technical schools and adult education programs.


In addition to these predictions, females joining the industry with careers as automotive technicians, service advisors, or managers should also be stronger in 2024. Techs with specialized training is important, however even people with good computer experience and people skills can have great careers in this industry.



Automotive Technician Jobs

What does today’s tech want?

While not a prediction of the future, but a fact of the present, technicians want to be appreciated. They desire flexible work schedules, fair pay, benefits, and a quality work environment – a garage that’s clean, safe, and technologically up-to-date.


Moreover, garages are changing their landscapes and reputations. The new tech-savvy automotive technician, male or female, will expect a future that is stable and rewarding. However, recruiting techs from existing shops with outdated mindsets may be challenging, leading to a shift towards more in-house training to bridge the experience gap between the tech-savvy newcomers and the seasoned pros.


For today’s tech-savvy automotive technician, a well-established career path and a supportive environment are crucial. They need to know that they are essential to our industry and their employer is dedicated to their success. So, buckle up, techy Techs – 2024 is the year to hit the career accelerator and steer into a future full of opportunities!


Interested in more 2024 predictions? Check out: The Future of Auto Tech Careers: Emerging Trends and Opportunities.

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